From the Airport releases trance MV “Flying Walls”

Flauxus Music‘s From the Airport released a music video from their first album You Could Imagine titled “Flying Walls,” released on January 8th.

As various instruments play, the music will certainly fill up the room and bring their song to life. A mysterious girl appears in the video, representing how the duo feel trapped in their minds and their wish to break free. As the song progresses, a heavier electronic beat begins to play as various images of mazes, shapes, and islands appear that keep true to the”trance-like” feel of the music video.

From playing the keyboard to the guitar to strong vocals, these indie artists have the potential to attract many fans!

The indie duo came together in 2012 with members Milo and Zee, and have so far released five digital singles along with their first EP titled Chemical Love.

Check out the music video below!