Blady reveals sexy teaser video for “Come Here”

Blady releases a long teaser video for their upcoming music video, “Come Here.”

The female group is finally making their return since their last release in November 2013 with single “Blood Type B Girl,” and will be releasing the track “Come Here.”

Since their last single, however, Blady has also gone through various lineup changes. “Blood Type B Girl” consisted of a lineup with members Coco, Tina, Kangyoon, Yeji, and Soojin. The group saw a change with members leaving with Tina, Dayoung, and Kiroo remaining, and finally, on March 6th, 2nB former members Yeeun and Gabin were confirmed to have completed the group as five.

In the teaser video, the members of Blady show off their sexy dance moves as they become attendants for a hotel. The girls match up in red dresses and shoes as they dance along to their catchy new song.

“Come Here” will be released on March 31st.

Check out the teaser video: