CNBLUE has fun in “White” in new Japanese PV

In the new music video for their Japanese track “White,” FNC Entertainment band CNBLUE proved that white can also be fun. 

Though white is often seen as a pure and rather dull color, the four-member band and their new friend White Man proved that some things are in fact more fun in white. Representing the color as Team White, the group had fun in a bar while wearing white.

Singing about having fun with “whatever” and “whenever,” the group showed off their always-impressive group chemistry as the video panned over some fun white things, including white coffee, white curry, and of course, their good friend White Man.

With the band’s powerful vocals and instrumentals, the group of five had fun both rocking out in the bar and riding in a convertible with the wind in their hair.

The music video for CNBLUE’s newest Japanese single “White” is incredibly fun to watch, and it is such a catchy song. The single album is set for release in Japan on April 8th.

For now, you can check out the fun and energetic music video below to enjoy the fun track: