KARA’s Hara shows off her equestrian skills in Instagram posts

KARA‘s Goo Hara is known for her singing, acting, and ideal facial features, but the singer recently revealed that she was also quite a skilled equestrian! 

The singer uploaded two short videos of herself enjoying time with a horse named Lucy. The first video, which shows Hara riding Lucy, focuses on the horse’s steady trot and the singer’s control of rhythm. Hara included the caption “Lucy and I, together” with the video.

The second video revealed that Hara and Lucy had quite a strong bond together, with the horse starting and stopping its movement in line with the singer. As Hara walked forward, Lucy advanced with her; however, when Hara stopped, Lucy also halted. The caption, “Lucy following me without pulling on her reigns“, perfectly fit the moment.

In related news, Hara’s group KARA is gearing up for their upcoming Japanese single “Summer Magic,” which is set to be released in early May.

Check out the cute videos of Hara’s equestrian skills below!