Lee Ji Young says, “Good Bye Tomorrow” in teaser video

Big Mama‘s Lee Ji Young revealed the teaser for her upcoming music video, “Good Bye Tomorrow.”

Debuting in 2003, Big Mama consisted of members Lee Ji Young, Park Min Hye, Shin Yeon Ah, and Lee Young Hyun. Later on, with the departure of Lee Ji Young and Lee Young Hyun to a new record label as well as Ji Young’s solo debut, the unity of Big Mama became uncertain. In 2011, the group had disbanded due to inactivity.

Currently, Lee Ji Young is still promoting as a solo artist but has not released a track since late 2011. After her three year hiatus the singer is coming back with track, “Good Bye Tomorrow.”

Ji Young can be heard in the background singing, “I love you forever. Goodbye tomorrow.” Likewise, the teaser video shows a girl who is crying over her memories .

Part of the Clef Project 3/4, Le Ji Young will be releasing “Good Bye Tomorrow” on March 10th.