Minah brightens up the set of her debut music video with her cheerful personality

After releasing the music video for her solo debut track “I Am A Woman Too“, Girl’s Day‘s Minah took fans behind the scenes of the filming with a making film. 

With the catchy new track playing in the background, the roughly one and a half minute making film showed fans several cool scenes from the filming of the beautiful music video.

Starting with Minah’s arrival and subsequent barrage of makeup and hair artists, the Girl’s Day member showed fans that just getting ready for filming was already an endeavor in itself. Once she finished applying all of her makeup and was ready for the filming, Minah showed fans that she not only brought her dancing and singing skills onto the set, but that her bright personality also lit up the set as well.

Despite all of the hard work and multitude of jobs on the set, the singer’s sense of humor and charm helped cheer up all the staff members. During the making film, Minah’s fellow Girl’s Day members Hyeri and Sojin also visited the set! With all the effort that everyone put into the making of the music video, there’s no wonder it turned out so well!