NS Yoon-G releases dance practice video for “Wifey”

After making a comeback with her new song “Wifey” featuring MC Mong, solo singer NS Yoon-G treated fans to a dance practice video for the track. 

With microphone in hand, the singer took the practice stage with her group of back-up dancers, dressed comfortably and ready to show her fans the choreography for her new track.

With only having one hand available due to her microphone, NS Yoon-G showed off her dancing talents and impeccable stage presence with impressive timing and charisma. Along with strong energy and great synchronization, the dance practice video for “Wifey” is definitely enjoyable and very helpful to those who want to learn the choreography for the track.

Make sure to check out the dance practice video for NS Yoon-G’s “Wifey” below!