Shannon shows her adorable transformation in “Why Why” MV

On March 6th, power vocalist Shannon made her comeback with the release of her latest music video for “Why Why.”

As revealed in her previous video teaser, the star takes on a cuter and more youthful concept in this comeback. The storyline blooms with young love as she falls head over heels for one of her male classmates.

The silly music video ends with a credits section that also gives viewers a peek into the creation of the music video, showing bloopers and other hilarious cuts.

However, as she collects various items from her crush including a used ketchup packet, straw, and handkerchief, comedy ensues as she seems to quickly gain a new love interest by the end of the music video.

Although very different from her debut track, the song has received various positive comments from fans who have expressed the style of the song suits her voice. The fun, playful music video has also gotten some laughs.

Take a look at her new music video here: