The 6 K-Pop Female Idols Who Are The Queens Of 4th Generation Visuals, According To Korean Netizens
Fourth-generation idols are a true visual explosion!
Fans Suspect aespa’s Giselle And Somi Were In Japan Together, Proving They Are The Two Cutest Best Friends
“Somi and Giselle having dates in Korea, in Japan, next is LA…”
Aespa’s Outfits And Styling At A Recent Givenchy Event Receives Mixed Reactions From Netizens
“Why does it look like they’re all at different events?”
Aespa Fans Discover Yet Another Instance SM Entertainment Excluded Giselle And Are Demanding Better Treatment
They don’t think it’s an accident.
Fans Call Out Luxury Brand Chopard For Alleged Unfair Treatment Of aespa’s Giselle
Fans feel this has become a worrying pattern among brands.
Aespa Fans Are Calling Out SM Entertainment For Once Again Allegedly Mistreating Giselle
Fans are frustrated that this continues to happen.
Aespa’s Karina Gains Attention For Her Luxurious Actress-Like Visuals And Her Body Proportions At “Confidential Assignment 2” Premiere
“What’s up with her leg length? I’m jealous!”
Aespa’s Karina Remains Confused By What Someone Shouted At The Photo Wall For “Confidential Assignment 2”
She even asked about the moment after the event.
Aespa’s Karina And Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Share The Sweetest Interaction While Attending The “Confidential Assignment 2” Premiere In Support Of Yoona
Karina was so nervous about her first movie premiere!
Aespa’s Karina Wants To Be Friends With IVE’s Leeseo, And Leeseo Has The Sweetest Reaction
Leeseo is the biggest fan of Karina among idols!