20 Moments From “EXO’s Ladder” (So Far) That Will Make You Say, “Why Are They Like This”

They’re just so extra:

Sometimes fans are left wondering why their favorite idols are so extra and EXO-Ls have been feeling that a lot lately thanks to EXO‘s newest reality show Travel Around the World on EXO’s Ladder! While there are still plenty of episodes left to tickle EXO-Ls funny bones, here are just a few moments so far that have made fans fall further in love with these sweet goofballs!


1. When Sehun was afraid of the baby deer


2. When Kai turned into the shrimp whisperer


3. The time D.O. totally ignored Baekhyun


4. The time Chanyeol tried getting lobster with the 3 second rule


5. When D.O. plotted against Chanyeol


6. D.O. and Chanyeol’s reaction to Baekhyun in the inflatable ball


7. Chanyeol’s shocking talent


8. When D.O. promptly lost the palm wrestling game


9. Chanyeol’s “CBX” announcements


10. When Sehun really didn’t want to sleep alone


11. The epic pucker face moment


12. The epic “Ka-Ching” dance battle


13. Whatever this is!


14. The time Kai rubbed in Chanyeol’s loss


15. When Chen was so done with Baekhyun’s shenanigans


16. The time Chen totally crushed Kai


17. When Chanyeol and Chen had a dance-off in their room


18. Or when EXO-Ls were ready to fight for Kai’s honor


19. When Sehun was just doing his own thing in the background


20. When Baekhyun turned into a dung beetle