ATEEZ Fans Are Demanding Respect For Mingi After He Was Excluded In A Universe Show

ATEEZ is 8.

Fans of ATEEZ are understandably upset over the treatment that Mingi was given on a recent Universe show and are demanding an apology from the company.

Mingi (ATEEZ) | SBS

During the episode of “KLAP Up!”, the members were given different tasks to complete in order to get “KLAPs” for ATINYs, which can be used on the Universe app to earn various benefits.

One of the tasks that the members were given was to recreate or answer questions about past photos of themselves. There were three photos total with different tasks.

Screenshot from the episode of “KLAP Up!”

What has fans upset is that out of the three photos, two of them only included seven members because they were taken when Mingi was on hiatus for his mental health. The task even includes the phrase “Except for Mingi”, further excluding him.

While the members do their best to include Mingi in the game by having him “take the picture” for their posing, he ends up lingering behind the members looking uncomfortable with the situation. This isn’t the first time that this sort of situation has happened for Mingi, which makes it all the more upsetting.

Considering that there are tons of photos of all eight members that could have been used instead, fans think that the exclusion of Mingi in the game was extremely avoidable and unnecessary. He’s a beloved and talented member of ATEEZ, and deserves just as much love and praise as the rest of them.

ATINYs are asking for an apology from Universe by using the hashtags #WeLoveYouMingi, #JusticeForMingi, #StopMistreatingMingi, and #StopDisrespectingMingi on Twitter.

It’s also being used for fans to spread their appreciation and affection for Mingi on social media.

We hope that Mingi wasn’t too hurt by the issue, and is seeing all of the support he is receiving from ATINYs!