BTS’s Jin Is Going Viral Due To Uncanny Resemblance To An American Actor

We can’t unsee it! 😳

BTS‘s Jin is surprisingly being compared to an American actor.

BTS’s Jin

Jin is known for his “Worldwide Handsome” features. He fits not only Korean ideals in a man but even internationally.

Sluis Painting has been crowned as having “World’s Most Perfect Face,” based on Dutch scientific analysis. Likewise, sculptor Radek Schick selected Jin as the “Best Sculpted Face in the World.” He just stays winning awards for his visuals!

Radek Schick

Yet, those “Worldwide Handsome” features are being proven because netizens have noticed similarities to that of an American actor.

It all started when an ARMY suggested that BTS maknae Jungkook and Canadian rapper Drake have “the same face.” 

Another retorted by comparing Jin and professional ARMY, wrestler, and actor John Cena‘s smiles. Wait… This isn’t the American actor whose resemblance to Jin has gone viral.

Yet another ARMY quote-tweeted the above by comparing it to when someone said that Jin “looked like ‘sweetness’ from roll bounce.”

In case you don’t know, Sweetness is a character played by Wesley Jonathan in the 2005 American comedy-drama film Roll Bounce that stars Bow Wow and Nick Cannon. 

Wesley Jonathan as Sweetness in “Roll Bounce.” | State Street Pictures

The ARMY quote-tweeted themselves with a side-by-side comparison of Wesley Jonathan and Jin. The tweet has gone viral with over 4K likes at the time of writing.

Netizens can’t unsee it now. The smile alone is strikingly similar, but they even notice similarities in all other features, such as the eyes, nose, etc.

The 43-year-old actor is also known for starring as Jamal Grant on NBC‘s comedy-drama series City Guys, Gary Thorpe in the sitcom What I Like About You, and Burrell “Stamps” Ballentine on TV Land‘s The Soul Man.

| @wesleyjonathan/Instagram

But after this viral tweet, we won’t be able to see him without thinking of Jin!

What do you think?

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Can you see the resemblance?

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