Fans Praise Stray Kids’ Bang Chan For The Way He Reacted When Asked To Take His Shirt Off In Recent Live Stream

“I hope people respect that and take him seriously.”

Stray KidsBang Chan is being praised by fans for the way he handled a conversation about taking his shirt off during a recent live stream.

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As STAYs know, Bang Chan holds a weekly live stream called Chan’s Room, where he hangs out with fans and discusses everything from fun subjects to serious issues. In last week’s “episode,” Bang Chan delighted everyone by planning a movie date with STAYs.

This week, fans were once again pleasantly surprised to see that he was still keeping his promise to come online despite the fact that he’d just performed at Stray Kids’ MANIAC Seoul Special (UNVEIL 11) concert. And luckily, he once again treated them to the most wholesome content.

Seeing as the concert had given STAYs a pretty good view of Bang Chan’s famously chiseled abs…

…it’s no surprise that the subject came up once again during the live stream. Bang Chan spent some time debating whether he preferred to show his abs to STAY or if he would be willing to do so at an awards ceremony. The conclusion was, of course, that he felt more comfortable doing it with STAY.

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I mean, of course award shows are very important. But I feel like, if I’m going to take everything off, then I might as well do it in front of you guys because I’m more comfortable being with you guys than other people.

— Bang Chan

Yet, when asked to show his abs during the live stream, he had the best response.

I can’t just take everything off here. I know this is my room…but like, in front of you guys, that’s not a very polite thing to do.

— Bang Chan

He then elaborated, explaining that he felt it would be rude toward STAYs if he were to do something like that in the middle of a live stream.

I’m doing a broadcast with you guys and I can’t just be comfortable. I feel like it’s very rude of me to take everything off… I gotta respect you guys. This is all about the respect.

— Bang Chan

Plus, the mood just wasn’t right!

And also, the mood that my room has…I think it will be too much.

— Bang Chan

Hearing his respectful response to the request made STAYs super proud of how him. He was able to answer in the nicest way possible while still maintaining his boundaries.

The fact that he handled the situation so well, however, is not all that surprising. After all, Bang Chan has received many times for the way he discusses sensitive issues! Read further about a recent case right here.

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Gains Attention For His Discussion About Idols’ Manners During Recent Live Broadcast

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