Here’s How Tiffany Is Doing In The States

Since her contract with S.M. Entertainment recently expired, Tiffany has been away and fans have wondered what she’s been up to. 

Luckily, updates on her personal Instagram account seem to give fans a glimpse of her daily activities. 

Tiffany is presently in California where she was seen walking down the beach in a red dress—camera in hand and smiling brightly.

She even gave fans a look behind the scenes of her upcoming pictorial, showing a glimpse of her true, bubbly personality. 

Tiffany left the agency after her contract expired last month and flew back to the United States. 

She is preparing for possible promotions overseas and is studying acting and music. 

Some worry that Tiffany’s US activities herald Girls’ Generation’s disbandment, but S.M. Entertainment has remained relatively tight-lipped on the subject, stating the girls will discuss future activities as a group with each other.

[★TRENDING] Tiffany’s Contract with SM Expires, Will Pursue Career In USA

Source: Dispatch