Netizens Suspect Cube Entertainment May Be Hinting At Soojin Rejoining (G)I-DLE

Fans suspect something is brewing.

Earlier, we reported on the news that beloved girl group (G)I-DLE would be making their comeback on October 17.

The announcement was received by much fan-fare as the comeback marks the girl’s return in seven months since their triumphant offering of “Tom Boy” and the girl’s first full-length album, I NEVER DIE.

It was also announced that the group’s upcoming album would be offered in different versions. Of these, the “X-Files” version instantly caught the eye of fans.

| Synnara

The “X-Files” version features a yellow cover with a red X. On the far right, the members’ names are written. Fans noticed that between Soyeon and Yuqi, there was an X mark.

Fans are alleging that the X marks the spot reserved for none other than Soojin! According to fans, the names of the members, when written in order of birthdates, place Soojin in between Soyeon and Yuqi, where the X is placed in the cover art.

Also, the group’s name has been stylized as (G)I-DLE, which fans allege is a sign the member will return.

As news reports continue to write about fans’ speculation, Cube Entertainment has yet to make a statement on this.

For context, Soojin had prior left the group due to bullying allegations that she has consistently denied. Recently, it was revealed that Soojin was ruled innocent of bullying during a School Violence Committee back in middle school, stoking many (G)I-DLE fans’ desires for the idol to return.

Source: TopStar News and Wikitree