Netizens Trash Song Ji Hyo’s Stylist For Her Hideous Outfits And Unflattering Hairstyles On “Running Man”

“How can they do that to such a beautiful person?” — Netizen

Along with a post compiling various photos of Song Ji Hyo‘s recent outfits on SBS‘s Running Man, netizens are raising their voice to criticize Song Ji Hyo’s stylist for giving her hideous outfits and unflattering hairstyles that don’t do her beauty justice.

The post contains various photos of Song Ji Hyo in recent episodes of Running Man.

She is often seen wearing a hat, and when she doesn’t, her hair doesn’t look particularly styled.

And during an episode that aired earlier this month, the cast even joked about Song Ji Hyo’s hairstyle with remarks such as “That’s so 80s“, “Mom from back in the days“, and “Aunts used to do that hair a lot“.

Moreover, her outfits have recently consisted of oversized shirts, jackets, and pants, that don’t particularly flatter Song Ji Hyo’s figure.

As such, netizens are demanding that Song Ji Hyo find a new stylist.

  • She always has messy hair now, but when I search her old photos, she looked so pretty.
  • Only Song Ji Hyo can pull off such ugly outfits.
  • Please do something about her hair…
  • How can they do that to such a beautiful person?

On the other hand, some netizens question if Song Ji Hyo dresses that way because that’s her own personal preference.

What do you think?

Source: Dispatch