T-ARA’s Jiyeon Reads Diss About MBK Entertainment’s CEO Out Loud

T-ARA’s Jiyeon had no problem reading aloud the insulting comments about their label’s CEO.

During an episode of “I’m Celuv”, Hyomin, Jiyeon and Qri revealed that they’ve been having a hard time organizing special events for their fans.

“We really really want to [hold special events with our fans], and we know that our fans want to too. But it just doesn’t happen as we’d like it to.”

— T-ARA’s Jiyeon

The fans began commenting with disses against MBK’s CEO, and Jiyeon read them loud and clear.

“Omg MBK… Pangsoo (T-ARA fans’ nickname for CEO) please… Please do some work…”

— T-ARA’s Jiyeon

T-ARA’s fans were completely amused by the girls’ facial expressions.

Hyomin looked like she had a secret, Jiyeon looked like she was a little upset, and Qri kept calm and smiled!

Either way, T-ARA promised to have fun with their fans for their “What’s My Name” promotion!