When This Trainee’s Grandmother Died Nobody Expected Him To Perform…His Audition Blew Everyone Away

One of JTBC’s MIXNINE contestants found out that his grandmother had passed away, but showed the utmost in professionalism as he finished his performance before giving into his emotions.

ONF, the rookie boy group best-known for their labelmates B1A4 and Oh My Girl, auditioned for JTBC’s MIXNINE when YG Entertainment’s Yang Hyun Suk and Zion. T visited WM Entertainment.

Leader Seungjoon (also known as J-Us) revealed that he lost his grandmother earlier that day, but he held his composure until they had finished the audition.

” I am the leader of the team. This is a tragedy for sure, but I cannot just drop everything on a very important day and leave my fellow members. That would not be responsible at all.


Despite struggling with the tragic news, Seungjoon performed impressively with his members, securing his spot on the debut bus.

Seungjoon finally broke down after knowing that he had delivered the best performance in honor of his deceased grandmother.

All seven members of ONF passed their auditions after receiving high praise from Yang Hyun Suk.

Check their amazing performance below:

Source: Insight