Wendy Was Just Trying To Catch Her Flight When This Fan Casually Tossed Her An iPhone X

Fans, especially fansite managers, are known for giving their favorite idols extravagant gifts, but this casual $1000+ gift is turning heads.

Image Source: @ineffablevoice

Wendy’s fansite masters are especially well known for spoiling her with expensive gifts and this one takes the cake.

Earlier this month, a Wendy fansite master who goes by the handle @ineffablevoice casually handed her a box at the airport, in it, an iPhone X.

Fans think that Wendy might be the first K-Pop idol to ever use the iPhone X.

Wendy is known to be an iPhone lover, and her happiness is what matters to her fans.

As if the iPhone was not enough, Wendy also received a Nintendo Switch from the same fansite master.

Source: @ineffablevoice

Being her sweet and sincere self, Wendy took a moment to write a big thank you note to the fan who just spoiled her with two of the latest tech gadgets.

Source: @ineffablevoice

It is always refreshing to see an idol sincerely acknowledging the gifts they’ve received from their fans.