TWICE Tried Double Eyelid Glasses And Other Weird Products So You Don’t Have To

Dahyun in those crazy glasses left us wheezing.

Jeongyeon of TWICE once ordered a bunch of unique products with an “As Seen On TV” vibe for her members to try, and complete chaos ensued.

She unveiled a pair of glasses that create double eyelids at the cost of looking a little ridiculous for five minutes.

The group tested it on Dahyun since she doesn’t have double eyelids and somehow she still looked absolutely adorable.

For the cheap price of ₩3,500 won, at least it isn’t too big of a loss.

Those without double eyelids don’t need them. We recommend it to those who want thicker ones.

⁠— Dahyun

Next, they tested animal ears that move depending on a person’s mood by detecting brain waves. Chaeyoung put them on as chicken was placed in front of her.

The way her ears dance says it all.

To further prove the ears’ abilities, she bites into the chicken as her ears go full-on berzerk. Her dopamine must be sky-rocketing (and so is ours just watching this cuteness).

They also tried an eyebrow stamp, which seems like a great idea to speed up Jihyo‘s makeup routine in the morning…

…until this happens.

However, Mina‘s attempt is much more successful! Less is more.

Watch the full video of the girls hilariously try out strange products below!