Kris Wu vs. Du Meizhu's Rape Case

Kris Wu’s Video Content Gets Deleted From Chinese Sites

The China Netcasting Service Association has spoken.

Chinese Prosecutors Approve Arrest of Kris Wu For Rape

He has been approved for arrest.

Kris Wu’s Profile Deleted From Multiple Chinese Platforms Following Police Detainment

He has been removed from all major Chinese platforms.

Kris Wu’s Detainment: Here’s What It Means And What Will Happen To Him, According To Lawyers

Chinese lawyers have weighed in on Kris Wu’s case of suspected rape.

Kris Wu Detained By Police On Suspicions Of Rape

The police have provided an update on the investigation.

Chinese Police Reveals Investigation On Kris Wu Vs. Du Meizhu, Claims Trickery, Blackmail, and Extortion

Her friend allegedly played a big role in the scheme.

Kris Wu vs. Du Meizhu — The Full Timeline Of Events That Has Taken Over Chinese And International Media

Here is everything that has happened so far.

Kris Wu Personally Denies All Accusations Of Sexual Harassment Against Minors While Du Meizhu Speaks Up About His Wrongdoings

He personally denied her claims.