The East Light vs. Media Line Entertainment's Assault Case

CEO Kim Chang Hwan Sentenced To Probation In The East Light Assault Case

He stated that he will definitely appeal his sentence.

Prosecution Demands Prison Sentence Of CEO And Producer Who Abused The East Light Members

The case is coming to a close.

Here’s What Happened At The First Trial On The East Light Assault Case

They held different positions.

The East Light Member Reveals He Wanted To Suicide Because Of The CEO’s Assaults

They revealed more horrifying details behind the assaults.

The East Light’s Seokcheol and Seunghyun Updates Following Police Investigation

They continue to fight for justice to be served.

The East Light’s Lee Seokcheol Reveals Disturbing Images Of Abuse and Assault

All members were minors when the abuse took place.

The East Light’s Lee Seokcheol And Lee Seunghyun File Lawsuit Against Media Line Producer

Their father has submitted the complaint himself.

The East Light’s Leader Lee Seokcheol Holds Tell-All Press Conference on Band’s Abuse and Assault

Please note this article contains descriptions of physical assault and verbal abuse.

The East Light Agency Responds To Reports Of Assault And Abuse

The agency gave an explanation.

Rookie Idol Band The East Light Victims of Constant Assault and Abuse by Company Producer And CEO

The EastLight members have reportedly received treatment for the physical and psychological pain they have experienced.