11 Groups Who Survived Members Leaving

These groups lasted and proved they could stay together as one unit, no matter what through a hard time, even despite some major lineup changes.


There are currently 5 members in 9MUSES, although the next comeback will only promote with four. Former members include Jaekyung, Nana, Bini, LeeSem, Eunji, Sera, Euaerin, Minha, and Hyuna.

2. miss A

miss A currently has 3 members. Member Jia left in May of 2016.


TEENTOP originally promoted with 6 members. In February 2017, L. Joe asked to terminate his contract with TOP Media.

4. Super Junior

Super Junior currently has 11 of its original 13 members. Hangeng and Kibum both left.

5. Girls’ Generation

Girls’ Generation debuted as a 9 member powerhouse group, but former member Jessica left in 2014.

6. f(x)

f(x) debuted as 5 member unit. Former member Sulli left the group to concentrate on acting in 2015.

7. 2PM

2PM debuted with 7 members, but leader Jay Park left in 2010.

8. WINNER WINNER originally debuted with 5 members, but former member Nam Taehyun left in 2016.

9. Apink

Apink debuted as a 7 member group in 2011. Former member Hong Yoo Kyung left in April 2013.

10. Wonder Girls

Wonder Girls originally debuted as a 5 member group (Sunmi, Sohee, Hyuna, Yeeun, Sunye). Hyuna withdrew from the group. Sunmi left in 2010 to pursue an academic career, and later rejoined. Hyerim took her place in 2010.  Sunye and Sohee both left the group. In 2015, 4 girls made a comeback  –  Yubin, Yeeun, Hyerim, and Sunmi.

11. EXO

EXO debuted as 12 members with EXO-K and EXO-M units. Currently, EXO has 9 members. Kris, Tao, and Luhan are former members.