15 Starbucks In Asia That’ll Make You Wish You Lived There

Starbucks in Asia aren’t like your typical coffee shops, many select stores are built very uniquely to blend in with their environment or designed as “concept stores” to lure in curious customers.

If you’re tired of the “traditional” Starbucks stores, then these should definitely be on your bucket list to visit!

1. Xian, China

2. Beijing, China

3. Chengdu, China

4. Hangzhou, China

5. Shanghai, China

6. Bali, Indonesia

7. Hiroshima, Japan

8. Fukuoka, Japan

9. Kamakura, Japan

10. Kobe, Japan

11. Toyama, Japan

12. Taichung, Taiwan

13. Singapore

14. Seoul, South Korea

15. Tokyo, Japan