These 4 Male K-Pop Groups Have Korea’s Most Gaon Chart-topping Singles

The Gaon digital singles chart is a way to determine how popular songs are among the public and these 4 groups have had the most songs listed as number one among male groups.

The Gaon digital charts provide rankings of singles on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis. The placement is determined by a combination of the number of downloads, streaming, and background music usage of the song.

Placing as number one on this chart is no small feat and is something that all idols strive for, and these four groups have achieved that goal multiple times!

Check out the four groups that placed #1 on Gaon’s Digital Singles chart the most:


BIGBANG holds the title of Gaon’s number one chart topper with a total of 9 singles that have hit number one. The songs that managed to chart at number one are: “Tonight”, “Love Song”, “Blue”, “Monster”, “Loser”, “If You”, “Let’s not fall in love”, “FXXK IT”, and “BANG BANG BANG”.


BEAST, now known as Highlight, is one of the most awarded groups of all time and their famous songs have topped the charts 4 times: ” I knew it”, “Will you be alright?”, “No More”, and “Good Luck”.


SHINee is a group that is known for producing interesting and catchy songs, and 4 of them have topped the Gaon charts: “Lucifer”, “Dream Girl”, “Sherlock”, and “View”.


EXO has been crowned aDreamgirlMusic by GAON for their music sales for 2016. Despite having been being active for only 6 years (shorter than any other group on this list), the group has had 3 songs top the charts:”Love me Right”,”December 2014″, and “Monster”.

Source:  Gaon