BLINKS Are 110% Convinced BLACKPINK’s “Kill This Love” Is Coming To “Just Dance”

BLINKs are sure the hints point to “Kill This Love”:

BLINKs may get the chance to dance to BLACKPINK‘s latest hit “Kill This Love” on Ubisoft‘s next Just Dance release! In fact, many BLINKs are absolutely sure that they will be able to!


Just Dance’s official Twitter account has been teasing everyone with hints about their upcoming version of the game and one of their latest hints has everyone seeing BLACKPINK!


Although it’s not confirmed yet, their clues seem to point directly at “Kill This Love”! First, there’s their, “Don’t BLINK or you’ll miss it” caption. Then there’s the picture which has a four-leaf clover…


A black and white swan…


And a giant bear trap just like “Kill This Love”!


Many BLINKs are now absolutely convinced that Just Dance was hinting at “Kill This Love”.


While it still hasn’t been confirmed, we’re keeping our fingers crossed that it’s true because we all know it would be awesome!