BTS’s V Isn’t Giving Up On Joining The Rap Line In 2020

He is ready to run after BTS’s rappers. Literally.

V‘s official positions in BTS are Lead Dancer, Sub Vocalist, and Visual, but he would love to add Rapper to the list!

Whenever V gets the chance to rap on stage or behind the scenes, it makes his day.

In 2016, V’s dream of joining the rap line came true for the length of a performance. He rapped one of his ultimate favorite raps, “Cypher Pt. 3”, for a solo stage.

In 2020, V still isn’t an official member of the rap line, but he’s not giving up! On Weverse, a fan left this boastful message for anti-fans: “Haters, the rap line is going out, you’re all finished.” 

In reply, V cutely wrote, “I’m going out too, wait a little while!! Let me put my shoes on first.” 

Wherever the rap line goes, V is sure to follow. He might not be a rapper in name yet, but he’ll always be Rapper V in spirit!

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