Everyone Loves Covering K-Pop’s Most Impactful Girl Group Debut Song

Fans love to watch idols perform covers, and perhaps the most popular song to cover is also one of K-Pop’s most impactful songs ever.

miss A‘s “Bad Girl Good Girl” became an instant legend when the group won “Song Of The Year” as a rookie, and pretty much everyone loves covering the song.

Because of its catchy tune and iconic choreography, it’s become a rite of passage for a JYP Entertainment group.

Including male groups like 2AM!

And it’s a must-learn dance for any girl groups.


And male groups too!

Even legends like K-Pop’s queen Lee Hyori have performed their own rendition of the song.

And of course, the song’s producer and JYP Entertainment executive J.Y Park has given the song a try as well (with the help of 2PM‘s Nichkhun and Junho!).

miss A’s “Bad Girl Good Girl” is truly an iconic song that’s loved by everyone!