EXO-Ls Mistaken For EXO And Epically Win Their Very Own World Tour

EXO-L won’t just be a fandom anymore:

Although EXO-L have been waiting for any kind of announcement about EXO‘s fifth world tour, it turns out they may not have to wait too long for a world tour of their very own! That’s right, EXO-L just found out they’re getting their own world tour and their responses are epic.


The whole thing started because of a tweet from Celcom Axiata. Knowing that fans are excited for BLACKPINK‘s upcoming tour stop in Malaysia, the tech company wanted to know what other K-Pop groups fans would want to see in Malaysia. And that’s where things got a bit interesting. They asked fans to choose between GOT7, BTS…and EXO-L!


When the poll results were revealed, EXO-L got an astounding 48% of all votes! Fans from all over the world soon found out and couldn’t believe they were getting their own tour. Soon the #EXOL1stWorldTour hashtag started to trend with many fans reacting to the news.


Some EXO-L showed that they were ready to get the ball rolling by creating some posters for their upcoming event.


Others brainstormed possible tour names!


Fans continued adding to the hashtag with possible first performances…


Excitement over the big day…


And of course, plenty of memes!


But it wasn’t just EXO-L having fun with the world tour announcement. Other fandoms decided to join in, wishing EXO-L the best and asking their own fandom to work hard so they could debut too!


Despite all the fun and preparation for their big debut, Celcom Axiata later followed up the poll results with a message that they were too excited and meant to say EXO.


But who knows, maybe the day will come when EXO-L really will get to have their own world tour because we all know they would totally crush it!