This Japanese Festival Is Home To One Of The Strangest Annual Contests

Although babies crying might seem like a burden and annoyance to some, at this festival, it’s the ultimate goal!

The Nakizumo Festival in Japan is home to a strange, centuries-old tradition: sumo wrestlers competing to try to make babies cry.

The wrestlers square off in a ring and gently shake the babies to try to get them to cry.

If the babies don’t cry after a few seconds, the referee will try to scare them with masks and loud noises.

This tradition is said to bring good health to the infants and ward off evil spirits.

The rules vary from region to region, but usually, whichever baby cries first is crowned the winner. In some regions, though, the first baby to cry is the loser.

The baby with the longest and loudest cry is deemed the healthiest.

Check out a video of this strange competition below!

Source: Daily Mail