This Korean Make-Up Artist Is Blowing Minds With Her Optical Illusions

Make-up artist Dain Yoon has been blowing follower’s minds with fierce optical illusions.

Besides simply showing the illusion, Dain Yoon will also often show the process behind the final product.

Many Korean television programs and international publications, like Daily Mail, Mashable, and Insider have featured Dain Yoon’s work.

The illusions are all really amazing!

Her art makes it clear that she has worked hard for her skills.

Dain Yoon often emphasizes that her work is not photoshopped and it’s not hard to see why!

Dain Yoon recently graduated from the Korea National University of Arts with a degree in Scenography.

She also recently unveiled her first solo art exhibition at Seoul Arts Center!

The art exhibit was actually an incredible performance piece!

Dain Yoon’s skill is truly impressive!

Source: DainYoon