Korean YouTuber Reveals Shocking Reason Why She Gave up on Becoming an Idol

Kwon Hyuk Jung was offered a spot in a girl group, but she refused after the agency’s chairman did this.

Korean YouTuber and model, Kwon Hyuk Jung recently shared a video titled, “Why I Gave up on Becoming an Idol”.

The shared video shows Kwon Hyuk Jung confessing that in the midst of receiving multiple proposals for a spot in a girl group, she ended up visiting the agency herself.

She then explained that after speaking with employees of the agency, she ended up speaking with the agency’s chairman in private.

Kwon Hyuk Jung added, “I met the chairman in a small room that only had a piano and a microphone. For most first meetings, you sit across from each other, but he sat on the piano bench and made me sit next to him.”

According to Kwon Hyuk Jung, he then said, “I have to estimate a quote for what kind of body plastic surgeries you need, so lift up your skirt and show me your body.


Kwon Hyuk Jung explained that this is why she decided to refuse his offer in fear that things would get even worse after she signed the contract.

On the bright side, Kwon Hyuk Jung is currently a successful model, YouTuber, as well as the CEO of an online shopping mall.

Source: Insight