This “Produce 48” Trainee Looks Like A Cross Between Taeyeon and Nayeon

She’s gaining attention for her special blend of visuals.

“Produce 48” may not have started airing yet, but a number of their trainees are already gaining a lot of attention for their visuals. 


Take Na Goeun for example.


This 19 year old vocalist from RBW Entertainment is getting a lot of feedback for her uncanny resemblance to Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon…


…and TWICE’s Nayeon. 


She seems like a good mix of the two from these angles! 


Na Goeun already tried her luck by auditioning for MIXNINE, however, it seems like she’s already becoming a favorite for “Produce 48.”



She’s not the only one though—other trainees have been gaining attention for various things like Kim Si Hyun who has already been dubbed the next Suzy. 

This “Produce 48” Contestant Is Receiving A Lot Of Attention For Looking Like Suzy