This Girl Is So Beautiful That JYP Saw Her At A GOT7 Concert And Cast Her Right Away

Ryujin, The trainee from JYP Entertainment is a hot topic among the K-Pop Fans these days.

JYP Entertainment is one of the big three entertainment agencies in Korea along with YG Entertainment and S.M. Entertainment.

Source: MBC

It is known that JYP Entertainment frequently sends their scout agents to the fan meetings of their idols for casting potential new trainees.

Ryujin was discovered during a fan meeting for GOT7 in 2015, by a casting agent that was in the crowd.

Source: Facebook

Her breathtaking beauty and sparkling eyes caught the attention of the casting agent.

Since her discovery, Ryujin appeared on BTS’s highlight reel and Mnet’s Stray Kids.

Many fans are wondering if she will be able to join the next girl group created by JYP, that Somi is rumored to be in.

For now, fans can see more of Ryujin on JTBC’s Mix Nine as she is vying for the spot on the girl’s team for a chance to debut as a project group.

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