TWICE’s Nayeon Gets Real About How She Deals With False Rumors And Negative Comments, And It Says A Lot About Her Relationship With Fans

It also says a lot about her kind and mature personality!

TWICE‘s Nayeon recently opened up about how she handles false rumors and hateful comments made about her, and it says a lot about both the kind of person she has grown up to be and the relationship she has with ONCE.

Nayeon | @nayeonyny/Instagram

In a recent guest appearance on My Alcohol Diary with Lee Young Ji, Nayeon and Chaeyoung got real about many things surrounding their career as members of TWICE. They spilled on everything from the rules for uploading to their personal Instagram accounts, to the real reason why they don’t get asked out as much as you’d think.

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There was one other thing Lee Young Ji was curious about, and it’s how the members handle false rumors and negativity online, especially given their level of fame. Nayeon revealed that, following her debut, she had often felt bothered by negative and false comments. She used to feel a strong need to deny them, but has since then accepted that there’s usually no point in doing so.

After all, what matters more than strangers’ opinions is one’s own intentions, according to her. She said, “If you know that you didn’t have those wrong thoughts and feelings then what others say doesn’t matter at all.”

In fact, she pointed out that all those edits and false rumors require a lot of work—which says more about the people making them than it does about her!

Because of that, she doesn’t let these things bother her too much. It is, however, sometimes hard not to feel affected by malicious comments. Especially because, as Nayeon says, there are some really weird comments out there! When coming across such things, her number 1 rule is to not look at them, whether they’re comments or video edits.

When one does happen to see a negative comment about oneself, Nayeon has a hilariously helpful tip. Imagine the person sitting there posting the comments…unwashed.

It’s not always easy, but the way Nayeon navigates these issues says a lot about her kind and mature personality. Especially because she does see an upside to negative comments and false rumors, and that is being able to witness how fans always fight to defend her and her members!

Nayeon’s outlook on this issue shows not only how much she has grown as a person in such a difficult environment, but how genuine her bond with ONCE is.

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