This New Underwear Trend Is Sweeping Across Japan

It seems like everyone in Japan is wearing loincloths this summer.

Also known as a fundoshi, the loincloth lost its popularity after World War II.

Originally worn by sumo wrestlers, the loincloth has become popular among both men and women.

In 2009, the loincloth had a small boom of success reviving as fashionable swimsuits and luxury lingerie.

Now in 2017, it’s making a big comeback and as a summer must-have for both men and women. 

The growing demand has resulted in the creation of online shops and clothing sections in stores specifically for loincloths.

The variety of designs has made the underwear become even more popular for its fashionable appeal.

The trend has gotten so successful that the Japan Fundoshi Association even came up with an aspiring mission statement.

“We are aiming for the arrival of such an era in which all Japanese wear loincloths by 2020.”

It looks like they’re already well on their way to success.