VIXX N Constantly Leaves Comments On VIXX Articles

The VIXX members recently exposed leader N as the member that always leaves comments on articles about them.

VIXX recently guested on Kangta‘s radio show Starry Night.

While on the show, the group had to play a rapid-fire answering game where they had to questions as fast as possible within the time limit.

One of the questions addressed to N happened to be about whether or not he had ever left comments on their articles.

He answered “no,” which caused the members burst out into laughter.

Seeing their reaction, Kangta had to ask about it when the game ended resulting in Ken revealing that their leader does actually do it.

In the end, N confessed that he does leave comments, even sharing that there have been replies to his comment asking if it was actually him.

However, he did add that he will only do this for VIXX articles, and not ones about himself, showing his unique way of supporting his group.